Grilled Tuscan Pizza

Spring is here! All I want to do is BBQ! Here’s a yummy recipe! This is how I did it feel free to get creative!

Whole wheat pizza dough

9 oz water ( just over 1 cup)

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

1 tbsp oil

1.5 c whole wheat flour

1.5 c all purpose flour

1.5 tsp yeast


Put ingredient in order into the bread maker. Push start  Or adhere to manufactures instruction. It should beep when it’s done kneading it for you.  Then you can take dough out and roll it. I like a thin crust so I roll it thin which yields 2 medium pizzas.

Pesto recipe 

I must admit the pesto I used was store bought.  I never grow enough in my garden. Hopefully this year (fingers crossed). But I will be trying this oil free pesto recipe this summer. Check it out!

Pizza toppings

Once you put the pesto sauce on your ready for the toppings.

Shrimp or chicken (pre-cooked)

Sun dried tomatoes

Feta cheese

Mozzarella (optional)

Additions= artichokes

For best results bake this tuscan pizza on you BBQ grill the smoked grill flavour is so good. It is however tricky to initially to get this thin crust pizza on the grill with changing its round shape. It may also take two people. It will be easy to take it off when it’s done though and you don’t have to oil or grease the bottom of the pizza.

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1 Comment

  1. kirby

     /  April 19, 2012

    Looks delicious Summer! Graham and i will for sure try this one on the bbq!


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